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Month: February 2019

Varietas® Memory Care program is nationally recognized and unique to Traditions communities in four states

Indianapolis, IN January 2019 – The Varietas® Memory Care Program, comprised of nationally recognized, award-winning and personalized therapies for residents...
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What Seniors Need to Know About Vision Loss

Three Most Common Eye Conditions Arising Later in Life Originally published on U.S. News: FOR MOST OF US, HITTING age 40...
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Boot camp after 60: 10 steps to turn around unhealthy habits

How to Stay Healthy with Kaiser Health News’ 10-Step Program Originally published on NBC News: It takes moxie to flip...
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AARP ‘Shark Tank’ Pitch Competition at CES

Originally published on AARP: The Competition-Winning Products Were Designed to Serve Senior Consumers Two novel tech products designed with older...
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Spring Forward: Resetting Your 'Body Clock'

Tips to Cope with Grogginess from the "Spring Forward" Originally published on University of Rochester Medical Center: While the shift...
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Study Offers Hint of Hope for Staving Off Dementia in Some People

Looking into Dementia Research Originally published on the The New York Times: In dementia research, so many paths have led...
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