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Inaugural Nancy Price Memorial Car Show Exceeds Expectations

The 1st Annual Nancy Price Memorial Car Show was a Success

The 1st annual Nancy Price Memorial Car Show held at Traditions at Beaumont on June 4, was a resounding success! We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to our Beaumont staff and River Cities Corvette Club (RCCC) for organizing and hosting such a fantastic event. The car show showcased an impressive display of 39 RCCC Corvettes, 2 Camaros, a motorcycle and a classic Ford, providing a visual treat for everyone in attendance.

This event held special meaning as it was organized in honor of Beaumont’s beloved resident, Nancy Price. We deeply appreciate her son, Robert, a member of the River Cities Corvette Club, for helping to spearhead the car show in her memory. The Price family holds a cherished place in our community, and their continued involvement and support are invaluable.

With 42 cars in attendance, the car show exceeded expectations and left a lasting impression. The ambiance was enhanced by a lively jazz band, delightful fair food provided by Beaumont’s talented culinary team, and an ice cream truck, adding to the overall enjoyment of the event.

Nancy Price's passing in March was a loss felt deeply by our community. Her memory lives on, and we are grateful to have her husband, Harold, still with us in our Memory Care Community. The Price family's continued presence and involvement are a testament to their enduring connection with Traditions at Beaumont.

Once again, we express our deepest appreciation to everyone involved in making the inaugural Nancy Price Memorial Car Show a tremendous success. Your efforts have created lasting memories and brought joy to all who attended. Thank you for honoring Nancy's legacy in such a remarkable way.